Crypto Summary

Bitcoin BTC

0.00000434 BTC$0.04


Litecoin LTC

0.00000434 LTC$0.04



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Block Summary

Blocks Mined 231
Time Between Blocks 15.46 minutes
Bitcoins Mined 1,637.546780000 BTC

Market Summary

Market Price $19,234.37 View Chart
Trade Volume $345,765,760.27 View Chart
Trade Volume 213,345.32893873 BTC View Chart

Mining Cost

Total Miners Revenue (USD) $164,727,645.97 View Chart
% earned from transaction fees 13.07% View Chart
% of transaction volume 1.99% View Chart
Cost per Transaction (USD) $66.39 View Chart

Transaction Summary

Total Transaction Fees (BTC) 445.24635681 BTC View Chart
Number of Transactions 320,151 View Chart
Total Output Volume (BTC) 4,543,040.43456788 BTC View Chart
Estimated Transaction Volume (USD) $34,758,121,076.66 View Chart
Mayra Sibley

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My name is Anne Clarc.
Mayra Sibley

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Nice to meet you Anne.
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